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How Fast Do Private Jets Fly? The Top 5 Fastest Private Jets

By Devon Wood
October 23, 20236 minutes
A Gulfstream G650ER taxiing to the runway.

Wondering just how fast a private jet can soar through the sky? Or how does the fastest private plane stack up against a Boeing 737? Well, the answers might surprise you!

Stick around to find out everything you need to know about private plane top speeds, and the five fastest private jets in the world!

How Fast Do Private Jets Fly?

Small private jets fly around 400 mph (347 knots), while the largest private jets can reach speeds over 700 mph (608 knots). However, these speeds can increase or decrease depending on prevailing winds, altitude, and weight of the aircraft.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of cruise speeds, relative to private aircraft size. 

Private Jet Speeds by Type

Very light jets
  • 350-450 mph / 560-720 kmh / 300-390 kn

  • 4-6 passengers

Light jets
  • 400-475 mph / 640-760 kmh / 350-410 kn

  • 6-8 passengers

Midsize jets
  • 475-550 mph / 760-890 kmh / 410-480 kn

  • 8-10 passengers

Heavy jets
  • 550-600 mph / 890-970 kmh / 480-520 kn

  • 10-12 passengers

Ultra-long range jets
  • 600-700 mph / 970-1130 kmh / 520-610 km

  • 12-19 passengers

Like other aircraft, private jets tend to fly at a cruise speed, rather than their top speed. This is mainly because there are certain speeds (or thrust outputs) where the jet is most economically burning fuel. At the optimum fuel economy, the jet will also achieve its maximum range.

Once the plane completes its climb and reaches a higher altitude, it will maintain that cruise speed until it begins its descent for landing.

Curious exactly what the cruise altitude of a jet is? Check out our blog on how high private jets fly!

Are Private Jets Faster Than Commercial Planes?

A private jet in front of two parked Air Berlin commercial airliners.

Generally, commercial airliners are designed to fly at higher cruising speeds than private jets. 

However, the newest generation of ultra long range jets like the Gulfstream G700 and Bombardier Global 7500 can cruise at Mach .85, which is faster than narrowbody planes like the Boeing 737 (Mach.79).

Jumbo jets like the 747 and A380 typically cruise around Mach .85, putting them right at the same speeds as the quickest private jets.

Ground Speed vs Air Speed

When it comes to airplanes, there are two different ways to measure speed: ground speed and airspeed.

Ground speed is the horizontal speed of a plane relative to the Earth’s surface, taking into account the effect of winds.

If the aircraft is flying with a tailwind (wind blowing in the same direction as the aircraft's heading), the ground speed will be higher than the true airspeed. Conversely, if the aircraft is flying against a headwind (wind blowing opposite to the aircraft's heading), the ground speed will be lower than the true airspeed.

Ground speed is important for flight planning, navigation, and fuel management. It determines factors such as the time it takes to reach a destination, fuel consumption, and overall flight efficiency.

Air speed (true airspeed or TAS) is the speed at which an aircraft is moving relative to the air it is flying through. It is measured using instruments called airspeed indicators, which are usually located in the cockpit. Airspeed is crucial for flight operations, as it directly affects factors such as lift, drag, and maneuverability.

These variables are relevant for this article because while there is a maximum amount of thrust these jet engines can put out, the winds will be the ultimate factor for how fast a jet can go.

Fastest Private Jets

Now, let’s take a look at our countdown for what business jets go the fastest. 

  1. Cessna Citation X+: Mach .935
  2. Gulfstream G700: Mach .925
  3. Bombardier Global G7500: Mach .925
  4. Dassault Falcon 8x: Mach .90
  5. Gulfstream G650ER: Mach .90

Cessna Citation X+ - Mach .935

A Cessna Citation X with a black and white checkered pattern across the fuselage and tail.

Credit: Alan Wilson

🛫 First Flight: 2012
🛩️ Powerplant: (2) Rolls-Royce AE3007C2
🚀 Thrust: 14,068 lbf / 62.58 kN
💨 Cruise Speed: 528 kn / 607 mph / 978 km/h

The Citation X+ is the fastest private jet in the world, capable of reaching a maximum speed of Mach 0.935 (around 717 mph or 1,154 km/h).

Manufactured by Textron Aviation, the Citation X+ is an upgraded version of the original Citation X, which was introduced in 1996. This newer variant has an improved cruise speed of 528 knots and a range of 3,460 nm. In addition to impressive horizontal performance, the X+ can climb all the way up to 47,000 feet in just 24 minutes!

When it comes to subsonic private air travel, there is nothing quicker than the Citation X+.

Gulfstream G700 - Mach .925

🛫 First Flight: 2020
🛩️ Powerplant: (2) Rolls-Royce Pearl 700
🚀 Thrust: 18,250 lbf / 81.2 kN 
💨 Cruise Speed: 516 kn / 593 mph / 956 km/h

There’s a case to be made that the Gulfstream G700 gets passengers to their destinations quicker and comfier than any other jet on the market. The G700 uses powerful engines and an innovative aerodynamic design that allows for fuel-efficient flights at higher speeds. One of its most notable flights was logged in 2022 when it flew from Gulfstream’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 12 hours and 36 minutes. The jet traveled a total of 6,281 nautical miles at an average of Mach .90.

Whether it's crossing continents or flying transoceanic routes, the G700's speed capabilities provide outstanding convenience, especially for long-haul flights.

Bombardier Global 7500 - Mach .925

A Bombardier Global 7500 flying over snowy mountain tops.

Credit: Bombardier

🛫 First Flight: 2016
🛩️ Powerplant: (2) GE Passport
🚀 Thrust: 18,920 lbf / 84.16 kN 
💨 Cruise Speed: 515 kn / 593 mph / 954 km/h

The Global 7500 is a large business jet with a need for speed. Powered by two General Electric engines designed specifically for the 7500, it propels to a top speed of Mach .925. More often though, this Bombardier jet will settle at a cruise speed between Mach .85 and Mach .90. 

In addition to exceptional speed, the Global 7500 holds the #1 spot on the list of longest range private jets flying today. Capable of flying over 7,700 nm without refueling, you could fly further in a Global 7500 than some of the largest commercial airline jets.

Dassault Falcon 8x - Mach .90

A white Dassault Falcon 8X with red and yellow accents sporting tail number VQ-BXG.
🛫 First Flight: 2015
🛩️ Powerplant: (3) Pratt & Whitney PW307D
🚀 Thrust: 6,722 / 29.90 each
💨 Cruise Speed: 515 kn / 593 mph / 956 km/h

One of the best private jets to date, the 8X excels across a number of performance specifications, including speed. In 2019, a Dassault 8X set a new transcontinental speed record, flying from Santa Monica, California to Teterboro, New Jersey in just 4 hours and 28 minutes! This achievement was made possible thanks to that extra P&W engine mounted at the rear of the fuselage.

The 8x is fast as a rocket, and it also kind of looks like one!

Gulfstream G650ER - Mach .90

A white Swiss Gulfstream G650ER with registration HB-IVJ.
🛫 First Flight: 2014
🛩️ Powerplant: (2) Rolls-Royce BR725
🚀 Thrust: 16,900 lbf / 75.2 kN
💨 Cruise Speed: 474 kn / 547 mph / 877 km/h

Rounding out this list is another Gulftstream, the G650ER. One of the oldest ultra long range jets, it has had a rich history of record-breaking flights. A G650ER departing Singapore on March 29, 2019 flew directly to Tucson, Arizona in 15 hours and 23 minutes. That translates into an average speed of 597 mph, over a distance of 8,379 nautical miles - which is pretty fast for quite the long haul!. For comparison, this trip was 44 minutes faster than the next quickest flight on the same route.

While its successor, the G700, gets the spotlight nowadays, the G650ER is still a very impressive jet that reigned supreme in speed and range for many years.


How fast is a private jet?

A private jet flies around 400-500 mph, but the larger jets can exceed 700 mph under the proper conditions like a strong tailwind and minimal cargo and fuel loads.

What is the fastest private jet?

The fastest private jet is the Cessna Citation X+, which can fly up to Mach .935 (~717 mph). 

Is it faster to travel via private jet vs commercial plane?

In most cases, it is faster to travel by private jet instead of a commercial flight. With a private jet, you can skip the time-consuming processes that come along with a commercial flight, like security, boarding, or baggage claim. Private jets can also operate at many more airports with shorter runways, which larger commercial aircraft cannot. This means that in some cases, you can fly closer to your end destination.

How long does it take a private jet to fly 1000 miles?

A private jet can fly 1000 miles (about the distance from New York to Miami) in roughly 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the prevailing winds, weight, and size of the jet.

How long can a private jet fly non stop?

On a full load of fuel, ultra long range private jets can fly between 13-16 hours nonstop. That’s about the flight time of a direct route from Miami to Dubai.

How long is a private jet from LA to NY?

A private jet can fly from Los Angeles to New York in about 5 and a half hours. In most cases, the flight time in the air will be slightly longer than that of a commercial jet. 

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